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Professor Mike Grandinetti Social Impact Hackathon Boston 2018

The Founder

Professor Mike Grandinetti teaches Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Hult. As a believer in the power of ideas that come up when teams of thinkers are getting connected with real-world challenges, he began to run his first Hackathon at Hult back in 2016.

This year, we say welcome to round three!


“Hackathons are where powerful epiphanies and breakthroughs inevitably happen, fueled by a mix of (mostly) youthful optimism and generous doses of caffeine, under an intense, high-pressure deadline. They have become a key “tool” to accelerate innovation by startups and global brands alike. I have been an active hackathon leader for many years, and never fail to be impressed at the power of humanity to create, when properly guided and incentivized.”

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